Elderly convicted killer arrested after dismembered body found in Brooklyn

An 83-year-old convicted killer has been charged in connection with a dismembered body found in Brooklyn last week.

The NYPD confirmed that Harvey Marcelin, a transgender woman who has been convicted twice of killing women, is charged with the concealment of a body. They expect more charges to follow.

On March 3, the torso of Susan Layden, 68, of Fort Green, was found in a shopping cart at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and Atlantic Ave. in the Cypress Hills section.

Police found the body in a large plastic bag inside a shopping cart. The woman's head, arms, and legs were missing. 

Police said they observed Marcelin entering her home at 50 Pennsylvania Avenue with the same shopping cart. Cops found blood-splattered and shopping bags inside her apartment.

Marcelin, who identifies as a transgender woman, spent decades behind bars for killing two ex-girlfriends. She was on lifetime parole for manslaughter, according to a NY State database.

She was allegedly caught on surveillance video dumping human remains near her apartment, according to the Post.

A human head and other parents were found in the apartment, said police. On March 7, a human leg was found on Jamaica Ave. Video from inside a store showed Marcelin get up from a wheelchair exposing the leg, said police.

Her record includes five previous arrests. Sept. 1957 for felony assault and March of 1963 for rape.

On April 18, 1963, Marcelin used a .32 caliber revolver inside an Eighth Ave. Harlem apartment to shoot Jacqueline Bonds.  She ran into a bedroom where she shot her again.

She staggered into the living room where she collapsed and died. Three bullet wounds were found in her body.

There also was evidence that about six weeks before the shooting, when Bonds was with her mother to tell Marcelin that she was not going to go out with him anymore, he pointed his finger at her and said, "I'll get you!"

Marcelin was convicted and served 20 years until May 1984 release.

Less than a year, in November 1985,  she stabbed another girlfriend to death in Central Park.

See was sentenced to a prison term of 6 to 12 years following a manslaughter conviction in the first degree stemming from the stabbing death of her live-in girlfriend.

After repeatedly stabbing the victim, she placed her body in a trash bag and left it on a Manhattan street.

She was convicted of manslaughter in that case and released from the Cayuga Correctional Facility in August 2019.

At a State Parole Board in August 21, 1997, she admitted that she had "problems" with women.