Effort to make canceling gym memberships easier

If there's one thing that's more challenging than finding the motivation to go to the gym--it's canceling your membership.

During the Equinox Boycott in August, New York City Councilman, Keith Powers announced he was drafting a bill that would require fitness companies that use auto-renewal subscriptions to allow customers to cancel online.

Paul O'Reilly-Hyland, the founder and CEO of Zeamo, a company that partners with gyms to offer daily, weekly and monthly options, believes while more flexibility could lead to higher churn, it could also lead to higher growth. 

"The US it's an older industry it's much more fragmented," says O'Reilly-Hyland. "I think you know you will see the change--it's already happening, but the bigger shift is happening."

A lot of gyms make customers end their contract in person or provide documentation of a "valid reason" such as moving or an injury.

On top of that, you could get slapped with an early termination fee, but O'Reilly Hyland says low-cost clubs are already making it easier to cancel.