Early dismissal at Fairfield schools following lockdown

Police in Connecticut ordered the lockdown of all Fairfield Schools Friday in a precautionary move due to unconfirmed and unverifiable threats. All 17 schools along with their students and staff were safe, according to a Facebook post by police.

Cops say they received a call shortly after 9 a.m. about a possible armed hostage situation, but responding officers could not find the address and now believe it was a hoax.

As police were dealing with that, threats were phoned in to three schools. Officers from several surrounding towns were called in to assist.

Police checked all schools and Chief Gary MacNamara said late Friday morning that all the town's children were safe.

School officials called off all after-school activities, including sports events.

MacNamara says the focus now is on finding those who made the threats, and whether the hoax hostage call was connected.

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