Drunk woman allegedly drops child in street several times

A Florida woman has been arrested after allegedly dropping her child in the street several times while walking home drunk on Sunday, according to reports.

Tabatha Williams, 26, was drunk as she walked home from a party while carrying her child, according to police, when she began stumbling and dropped the baby several times.

Neighbors told police that Williams punched and pushed them while screaming profanities as they tried to intervene, according to reports.

An officer with the Gulf Breeze Police Department who arrived on the scene was allegedly punched and kicked in the head more than once by Williams.

Another officer reportedly said Williams tried to bite his leg as she was carried to the police car.

Williams was charged with disorderly intoxication, child abuse, two counts of battery, two counts of battery on law enforcement, and resisting arrest with violence.

The child was not injured in the incident.