Drone-detection system tested at JFK Airport

Drones spotted near aircraft and airports is happening far too often. In the last two years, as popularity of unmanned aircrafts took flight, the Federal Aviation Administration says the number of sightings near planes skyrocketed. The agency now receives nearly 100 reports a month, including 3 over the course of three days last August at JFK Airport.

Now a new technology may help spot and track rogue drones. The FAA is testing the FBI's drone detection system at JFK. Security experts say it's the right move.

Specific details of the technology are not released publicly. The FAA says it has completed 40 tests since the start of this month. It is analyzing its effectiveness on a variety of drones of different sizes and speeds.

While many of the sightings nationwide have been linked to recreational use, former FBI Special Agent Manny Gomez says the potential for danger such as the possibility of a catastrophic accident or something much worse is real.