Driver, passenger arrested after wild chase on FDR Drive

The female driver of a BMW that rammed into a police vehicle and took them on a wild chase on the FDR Drive in Manhattan was arrested, police said.

The incident involving Veronica Jagdeo, 23, and her passenger left two officers injured.

Police attempted to pull over Jagdeo in the vehicle with tinted windows near 96th Street and Second Avenue just before 9 p.m. Thursday.  When police approached the vehicle, they say they noticed a heavy smell of marijuana.

The vehicle rammed the police car and then fled onto the FDR, added police.

At about 15th St., police stopped the vehicle and were approaching it when the vehicle reversed and struck an officer.

One officer fired six rounds on the vehicle, which took off and was later found abandoned about a half mile away near Houston St., said police.  The officer that fired shots has been placed on desk duty.  Under department guidelines, officers can shoot at vehicles only if there's an immediate danger.

The officer that was struck and another officer who suffered ringing in the air were treated and released at a local hospital.

The passenger, Jason Mohammed, 26, was arrested on an open parole violation warrant, police said. He is believed to be Jagdeo's boyfriend.