‘Dribble for a Cure' to pediatric cancer at St. John's University

On Saturday, St. John’s University in Queens will host the “Dribble for a Cure” event, in order to reach out to young adults to educate them on finding a cure to cancer through pediatric treatment. 

“We do have some ability in pediatrics to be a little bit more intensive,” said Dr. Jess Hochberg, an oncologist. “These adolescent and young adult programs become really important to sort of create a space for that middle age group where everybody can feel comfortable and it’s appropriate, and it’s involving collaboration from both pediatric and adult sides.”

The event is expected to bring awareness to the increasing evident that young adults diagnosed with cancer may do better when treated on pediatric regimens as opposed to adult ones. 

Now in its ninth year, Dribble for a Cure has already raised over $500,000 for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.