Drag queens with stories and songs for kids at the Queens Library

Inside the Queens Library's Woodside Branch, something a little different happened on the children's floor.

"Welcome to Drag Queen Story Hour," said Harmonica Sunbeam, who was in charge of story time on this afternoon.

"The transition from nightclub to libraries has been absolutely overwhelming and astounding," Harmonica told Fox 5.

Drag Queen Story Hour's goal is to teach children acceptance and introduce them to something new.

"There may be a child in the audience that is feeling a little different. And now he may see me or she may see me and say, 'Wow, hey I feel a little different, too, and here's someone who's comfortable feeling different and is OK with that."

The after-school program also involves singing and craft making. So far, it is a big hit. It is funded by the library system and openly gay City Councilman Daniel Dromm, who shared a video of the first story time in his district in Jackson Heights.

Parents told Fox 5 that it has become so popular they're lucky to get in.

"It's teaching them that we all love stories and we all love songs," mom Jocelyn Cooperman said, "and we can enjoy our time together no matter how we chose to express ourselves."

Librarian Mary Jacobi said the interest couldn't come at a better time, teaching kids an important life lesson.

"Children of this age are very open and very curious so this is a good time to introduce them to something they may not have seen before," Jacobi said, "and also tie it in with books and reading."

"If we can teach them while they're young, we'll have a better society," Harmonica said.

Drag Queen Story Hour runs through the first week in June.