Dozens of dolphins spotted near Manhasset Bay

It hasn't happened like since 2009. A large pod of bottlenose dolphins was spotted in the waters between Manhasset Bay and Hempstead Harbor.

North Hempstead Chief Bay Constable Mal Nathan says the dolphins ranged from calves to adults.

Bay Constable Erik Paterson took cellphone video of the dolphins while he was on routine patrol Sunday morning. He said he say between 75 and 100 dolphins. He never expected to see this much excitement in just the first month he has been on the job.

It's been a summer of marine sightings on Long Island. Back in May, a great white shark known as Mary Lee was spotted off the coast of Jones Beach and Fire Island. Soon after that, three beluga whales were also seen off Long Island's North Shore.

Biologists say it appears the dolphins were here for the large food source mostly herring and sand lance but one fisherman said he hasn't had much luck finding it.

The dolphins haven't been spotted since Sunday. Who knows if we'll have to wait another 6 years before we see them again? The bay constable has been on the lookout to make sure if they do come back, they are safe.