Double amputee gets new 'smart' home

Not everyone gets a motorcade to carry them to their new home. But Chris Levi is the exception.

"I'm more excited that I get to see the faces of my nieces, my mother and my sister. All the people that care about me and the enjoyment that they see in it," said Levi.

With his nieces, Levi walked into his brand new home in Belville Tuesday afternoon. The house is the first on Long Island that the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers foundation has ever presented.

Named in honor of NY Firefighter Stephen Siller -- who lost his life saving others on 9/11 -- the foundation honors military and first responders who've sacrificed life or limb.

Chris Levi was an Army corporal who lost both legs in an IED explosion in Iraq in March of 2008. He uses prosthetic legs to walk and has an attitude that is beyond inspirational.

"It's why we do it. To see the joy it brings these great warriors, who've given so much for their country," said Stephen Siller.

FOX 5 was there when the foundation announced Chris would be getting a home.

The 2800 sq ft, three bedroom unit is a smart house adapted to fit Levi's needs.

For example, the kitchen stove can be lowered to wheelchair height should he cook while seated instead of standing on his legs. Lights in each room can also be controlled thru WiFi with a tablet.

"He's never asked for anything. He's never said woe is me. He's never said why me.

He's always been the type of person that said I'm gonna be the one to be the leader and bring people with him and with a smile on his face at the same time."

But for 28-year-old Levi the house is more than his home.

It's his motivation.

"I am surrounded by inspirational outstanding people everyday. And I just try to pick up a little lesson here and a little lesson there and if I am above anything above a boring standard average person, than I only have the people to thank around me that have made me that way."