Dog swims for several miles, finds way home after falling off shrimp boat in Galveston Bay

Shrimp Boat Captain Keith "Kiwi" Soffes says his pup, Monster, never leaves his side. Monster even tags along on his shrimp boat for the daily runs out of San Leon, Texas.

Last week, the loyal dog fell overboard while they were out in Galveston Bay. Soffes says he didn't notice until they were already five miles out. He was beyond shocked and heartbroken.

After searching for several hours up and down the coast, Soffes turned to Facebook.

Thanks to everyone seeing his social media post, tips and prayers came pouring in.

Monster was located five days later, tied up at a nearby trailer park.


Captain Kiwi says he’s never cried so much or received so many happy Monster Kisses! Luckily, she was healthy but tired.

Soffes says from now on, Monster will be wearing a life jacket and a tracking device.