Dog gets custom-made casts

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Kate Doyle created custom-made casts for Moe. (Photo credit: 

This dog’s custom-made casts will make you smile!

Kate Doyle, a Vet Tech from Perth, Australia, creates color custom casts in her spare time to help owners feel better after their pets undergo big surgeries. She said it makes them smile every time.

Kate said Moe was neglected when he was brought to her. His leg was fractured; he had a broken pelvis, and he was very malnourished.  

“His leg is not just sore, but completely broken and has been like this for some time. He is very malnourished and so sad. My lady friend’s heart literally broke for him. As soon as she saw him, I knew straight away he was coming home with us. He is going to need an amputation because his leg is unfixable but we can't do it yet as he's just not strong enough for such a big surgery yet” she wrote on Instagram.

Moe recently had his leg amputated, but according to Kate, Moe is recovering well and has already been walking! “He really is the bravest pup in all the land,” she added.

Some good news coming out of this is that Moe is safe and now has a forever home with Kate!