Dog concierge pampers pooches in town for Westminster

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The Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan has a special canine concierge for the hundreds of dogs that stay there every year for the Westminster Dog Show.

Jerry Grymbek has been the dog concierge for 14 years (or two in dog years). He says here is just a taste of what is available: jog-a-dog treadmills to loosen and get a good run, washroom area, and grooming tables with hairdryers and bathtubs. He can even get candles if the pooch wants a relaxing environment.

He says he has done it all. Every year come particular food requests, such as cheeseburgers with no onions, chicken sandwiches, and spinach pizza.

The dog owners and handlers appreciate the special touches. About 500 dogs stay at the hotel every year for the show.

One of the guests is Bug, a 3-year-old blue tick hound from Southern California. Sue Richards, her handler, said Bug is the No. 2 blue tick in the country for 2017. Being a top dog takes work. Richards says the indoor dog park area and treadmill are key to keeping in shape and keeping a perfect coat.

Among the other perks for the pups is a professional doggy photo booth offering portraiture.

Grymbek says there's no request that can't be fulfilled for these dogs. He says that a few years ago, an opera singer serenaded a dog before the show. The dog loved it and even barked for an encore.