Documentary on Curious George creators

Filmmaker Ema Ryan Yamazaki is busy at work on a dream project. As a child growing up in Japan, she fell in love with Curious George like children all over the world.

After graduating from NYU film school, she became even more curious about Curious George and his creators, Margret and Hans Rey.

She and several animators are making a documentary about the creators and their wartime story. The Reys were German Jews living in Paris and fled with their manuscript about the monkey when the Nazis invaded France. The only transportation they could find was a tandem bike, which is illustrated in the documentary with animation.

The Reys made it to Spain, then Brazil, and ultimately the United States, where Curious George was published in 1941. The adventurous monkey is now 75 years old.

Ema and her team have been working on the documentary for about two and a half years and plan on completing it by January.

Curious George's adventures are still entertaining children worldwide.