Do kids rely too much on Amazon Alexa and other virtual assistants?

Smart devices with virtual assistants, such as Amazon Echo's Alexa and Google Home's Assistant, are creating challenges because some children are becoming too dependent on them.

"We have to get them away from technology, right? It's too much," one mom told Fox 5. "Parents should have the biggest role in their children's lives—and teachers."

A wealth of information comes through a smart speaker that not only can answer questions and help with homework but can now make sure kids are polite and parents can control activities.

Psychotherapist Jaimee Steerman said the devices are useful tools but they should never replace a parents role.

"Just like with anything else, there's pros and cons to everything," Steerman said. "Families need to find their own balance within their household and how they can incorporate these devices into their house in a healthy way."

While it is technology, smart speakers force kids to engage in a dialogue rather than silently typing on iPhones or iPads.

Amazon issued a statement to Fox 5.

"Technology, in general, isn't a replacement for parenting or social connection. One of the great things about Alexa and Echo is the communal nature of the device," an Amazon spokesperson said. "Parents and kids can join in the learning and fun together."