Disney's new Avatar expansion to create hundreds of new jobs

Disney executives emphasized the economic impact of the brand new attraction at Animal Kingdom called Pandora: World of Avatar. Not only has it created hundreds of new jobs but it would be more money that those new workers will put back into the local economy.

“Walt Disney World has 73,000 cast members today, serves as the largest single employer in the United States,” said Senior Vice President of Walt Disney World Parks Jim MacPhee. “All of those cast members live, work, and play here in Central Florida. And so this ability to add incrementally to that is just another boost to the entire economic engine of the Central Florida community.”

Disney said the Pandora attraction will create 700 permanent positions: cast members, maintenance, and service workers. Another 800 jobs were for construction workers.

"The more people that come here, the better it is for the economy- the economy will certainly improve I'm sure,” said a local Treasure Island Gift Shop Manager Faiza Eisa.

“Pandora” is the largest expansion at Animal Kingdom since it opened in 1998 and Disney promises an experience that will be out of this world.

“When they walk across the bridge in the back of me, they’ll be transported 4.4 light years away and once you’re on the moon of Pandora there is no disconnect,” said Disney’s Animal Kingdom Vice President Djuan Rivers.

There will be two rides on Pandora: one will allow visitors to ride on the back of a flying animal, the other is a boat ride down the Na’vi River. Avatar fans cannot wait for opening day.

"I think there are a lot of people who really like that movie and I think they'll go back more times than once, and the ride will be phenomenal,” said a tourist.

Pandora: the World of Avatar will officially open to the public May 27th.