Dinosaur safari ride coming to Bronx Zoo

Visitors to the Bronx Zoo will have the option of taking a safari ride to view and learn about 40 life-size, animatronic dinosaurs as part of its new installation, Dinosaur Safari.

The Zoo announced this week that people of all ages are invited to hop aboard the narrated safari ride to learn about Tyrannosaurus rex, Omeisaurus and a Spinosaurus, to name a few.

"Both dinosaurs and wildlife today developed adaptations that help them survive in their native habitats," said Jim Breheny, Bronx Zoo Director and WCS Executive Vice President of Zoos and Aquarium. "This experience highlights some of those adaptive behaviors and characteristics.”

Visitors can also take part in a dig uncovering fossils and meet a walking, roaring dino.

The ride will be open Friday, April 19 and run through Sunday, Nov. 3. Access to the safari will be included in the zoo’s Total Experience ticket.

For tickets, visit BronxZoo.com.