Did a long-dead clairvoyant predict the rise of ISIS?

A blind Bulgarian woman who died almost 20 years ago reportedly predicted several of the world's biggest tragedies in recent history, according to those who believe she was a clairvoyant. But did one of her so-called prophecies predict the rise of ISIS?

Baba Vanga, who died in 1996 at 85, was known as "Nostradamus from the Balkans," according to News.com.au. People in Russia and Europe who revered her say she predicted 9/11, the 2004 tsunami, and the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

She also apparently predicted a "great Muslim war" coming in 2016 that many believers, conspiracy theorists, and Islamaphobes is a reference to the ris of ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the threat that the group and its followers post up Europe and the Western world. She reportedly predicted that Muslims would establish a caliphate by 2043 with Rome as its center. Vanga said the current Europe would "cease to exist" with the elimination of entire populations.

Vanga was blinded at age 12 by some sort of mystery storm. She said she experienced her first visions after that and could predict the future.