Deputies cope with aftermath of chase, fiery crash

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A deputy in Douglas County said he would have never gone through with the chase Saturday if he had known there were four children inside.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released the dash cam video Tuesday showing the pursuit that killed the driver and his 10-year-old. The video makes it clear there was no way that deputy would have known that there were four unrestrained children inside. But once the deputies realize they were in that car, they risk their lives to get the children out.

The deputy pulled over a driver, got out, but the driver took off leading deputies on a three-mile chase, before crashing into a semi, going under the trailer and catching on fire.

The crash killed the driver and a 10-year-old front seat passenger, but there were also three unrestrained children in the back.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said the deputy followed chase policy.

"In this incident, had the deputy known that there were children in this car, violations for speeding and reckless driving, would have very likely terminated pursuit and not continued it," said Sgt Jesse Hambrick.

The sheriff’s office said driver Billy Frazier had a suspended license. Investigators add Frazier was on probation and had a stolen gun in his possession.

"Mr. Frazier also possessed with the intent to distribute a large quantity of prescription medications, ecstasy, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and a felony amount of marijuana," said Hambrick.

The deputy is reportedly dealing with this tragedy. As for the question of if he would have called off the chase had he known about the children, the dash cam video tells the answer.

"I didn't know there were babies in the car or I would have quite a long time ago," the deputy was heard saying.

The three other children, who were still in the hospital as of Tuesday, are a 6, 5, and 3.

As for why Frazier led deputies on a chase with these small children in the car, the sheriff's office said he's the only one who would have that answer.