Delta Air Lines online services return after brief outage

Delta Air Lines said some technical issues were impacting online check-ins and booking early Wednesday evening.

“Delta is working quickly to address a technical issue impacting some of our applications including customers’ ability to book, check in and board,” one tweet from Delta read.

The Atlanta-based airline said their IT worked quickly to resolve the issue.

"Flights are continuing to depart, albeit at a slower pace than normal and some flights are delayed as a result. Delta is slowing flights into our busiest hub in Atlanta to reduce congestion," Delta wrote in one tweet.

The cause of the issue and its full impact were not immediately known. The outage lasted for a couple of hours starting around 7 p.m. The airline gave the all-clear shortly after 9 p.m.

In addition to the outage, the FAA reported several airports were experiencing traffic flow delays, mostly due to weather. Those cities include Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Miami, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York.