Deficit-ridden Connecticut city to close for 1 day

About 160 city workers in West Haven will be taking an unpaid day off as part of a much larger effort to close a budget deficit.

City Hall - and many other municipal buildings - will be closed on Friday. Mayor Nancy Rossi and her staff will be among those taking one-day furloughs that are expected to save West Haven $73,000.

Police and fire stations will remain open, as will libraries and the city's sewage treatment plant.  The mayor says workers in those department will give up a day's pay instead of the furlough day.

"I appreciate the financial sacrifice our employees are making," Rossi said. "I know this is not easy for anyone, but I also know our taxpayers expect everyone to share the burden of budget cuts."

As part of the closure, there will no lifeguards on duty at city beaches and day camps are canceled.

Friday is the last day of the fiscal year and as of last month city officials were projecting an $8 million deficit for the 12-month period.

The affected building were set to reopen on Monday July 2.