Deadly terror attack in downtown Stockholm

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The NYPD Counterterrorism Office says it is closely monitoring the situation in Stockholm, Sweden. A truck crashed into a store killin at least three people. There are reports of shots fired in others parts of the city. Photo credit: NYPD

Swedish police said Friday that a truck plowing into a downtown Stockholm store was an apparent terror attack. The truck, carjacked from Swedish beermaker Spendrups, crashed into the Ahlens department store killing at least four people and injuring at least 14, reported Swedish media.

Police arrested one person, according to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. Sky News also reported that police have questioned two men, but spokesman Lars Bystrom said that does not necessary mean that they are suspects.

Shots were also reportedly been fired in other parts of the city. It was unclear if the incidents were related.

Lofven said everything indicates the truck crash was terrorism.

"Sweden has been attacked," Lofven told reporters. "Everything points to the fact that this is a terrorist attack." 

Swedish police said they received calls about a person who had injured others driving a vehicle on the central Stockholm street of Drottninggatan.

Video broadcast on SkyNews showed people running through the street.

Video posted to social media also showed a large truck partially inside a building.

A witness told the Daily Mail that she saw "hundreds of people running for their lives." She said: "I turned and ran after seeing hundreds of people running, they ran for their lives."

The NYPD Counterterrorism division said it is closely monitoring the events in Sweden in case it needs to step up security in New York.

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