De Blasio ordered to pay $475K for misusing NYPD detail on failed presidential campaign

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is facing a fine of nearly half a million dollars for taking his NYPD security detail with him while he campaigned for a failed 2020 presidential run. 

The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board found De Blasio had the city pay for travel expenses for his NYPD security detail for 31 out-of-state trips in connection with his Presidential campaign. 

The Board says De Blasio violated the city charter that prohibits public servants from using city resources for any non-city purpose. 

"The Conflicts of Interest Board alerted the former Mayor before he started his Presidential campaign that he could not use the city's security detail or the police detail for his political activities unrelated to New York City," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause New York, a government watchdog. "He was warned, and now he's been held accountable and that accountability is the right way for the rule of law to work in our city." 

The former Mayor plans to file a lawsuit to block this fine. 

His lawyer released a statement saying quote: "This case isn’t about Bill De Blasio or any other Mayor or high official in particular. It’s about the principle of protecting our leaders from harm — for the good of our city."  

However, New York City political analyst Hank Scheinkopf says the political damage is done. 

"The findings are that Bill DeBlasio did not properly use his police detail NYC detectives while he ran for President of the United States. It just tells you his judgment was bad," Scheinkopf said.