De Blasio ducks press questions at event

Mayor Bill de Blasio repeatedly refused to answer questions Thursday afternoon about several topics, including a court ruling that some of his emails that he had tried to keep private must be made public.

De Blasio was peppered with questions at a publicity event in Manhattan that he was holding about affordable housing.  After making his remarks he opened it up for questions from the press "on topic", meaning only about the event that he was looking to publicize.

The City Hall press corps immediately started asking about other topics.  After refusing to answer several separate questions the mayor said "I'm done" and left.

Some of the questions were on the lawsuit filed by several news organizations to force the administration to release several secret email communications.

City Hall had contended that communications with consultant Jonathan Rosen should be considered private because he was an "Agent of the City" that required secrecy.

But a Manhattan Supreme Court judge didn't agree and ordered the emails released. She also ordered the city to pay the legal fees for the news organizations that are fighting to see the emails.

The de Blasio administration vows to appeal the decision.