Daycare worker gets a well-deserved gift

Grab the tissue because this is a feel-good story that just might fill your eyes with tears of joy! Daycare worker Christy treats the kids she keeps as if they're her own.

One of the mothers, Brittney Nichols, has been moved by all the amazing things Christy does for the little ones and her 2-year-old daughter. One Sunday, Brittney saw Christy in her lovely church outfit...walking to church.

Brittney says "I felt like God spoke within me to inquire about her transportation." She found out Christy did not own a vehicle and has never had the opportunity to get her driver's license. That's when Brittney stepped in.

She went into the community with her story and raised enough money to buy Christy a Chevy Cavalier, along with pre-paid insurance, and driving lessons.

Watch Christy's reaction--it's priceless and sure to give you chill bumps!