Daycare in child abuse video loses license

Less than a week after video surfaced showing daycare workers in a St. Louis suburb abusing children, workers were charged and on Monday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced the business is losing its license.

Brighter Daycare and Preschool is appealing the ruling.

The video is disturbing. A child tossed as if they didn`t matter. The child suffering a gash that needed seven stiches.

Wilma Brown was arrested and charged with child abuse.

And while police investigated that incident they discovered another problem.  A second teacher, Ariana Silver, was arrested and accused of child abuse.

After investigators say she grabbed a child by the arm, punched the child`s skin with her fingernails and carried the child by her foot dropping her on a cot.

The daycare released a statement saying: "We hope and pray that those in our community will not rush to judgement regarding whether the daycare`s license should be revoked. Under the laws and regulations of our great state, Brighter Day Care and Preschool Inc. is entitled to due process and will appeal the decision to revoke its license. For more than a decade Brighter Day Care and Preschool, Inc. has provided exceptional educational and daycare services in a nurturing environment. Numerous families will attest that Brighter Day Care and Preschool has provided excellent child care services to their children. 

Neighbors have some strong views on the situation. Some say this video coupled with news of a second worker being arrested are enough to warrant shutting down the Brighter Day care and Preschool.

No one believes child abuse is okay but there are some residents who hope the state will work with the daycare to address the problems and remain open.

"If you take the daycare out, mothers cant go to work, so now you have someone at home who cant pay he rent. Because she cant leave the baby there because that`s breaking the law so now you`ve got one issue after another. It`s going to steamroll, snowball and just get worse and worse."