Daunte Wright shooting fallout

Mayor Mike Elliott of Brooklyn Center, Minn. on Tuesday announced the resignation of the police officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright, a black man, during a traffic stop on Sunday in the Minneapolis suburb.

In her letter, now-former Officer Porter wrote, "I believe it is in the best interest of the community, the department, and my fellow officers if I resign immediately."

Mayor Elliot said that he "couldn’t agree more," also accepted the resignation of the city's police chief.

"We have to make sure that justice is served, justice is done. Daunte wright deserves that, his family deserves that," Elliott said.

Meanwhile, Wright’s family rallied alongside George Floyd’s family outside the courthouse where former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s murder and manslaughter trial has entered its third week.

"The world is traumatized, watching another African-American man being slain," said Philonese Floyd, the brother of George Floyd.

Wright’s mother, Katie, recounted her final conversation with her son as he was being pulled over.

"I never imagined this was going to happen, I just thought maybe he was being arrested," said Ms. Wright.

The fatal encounter was caught on Porter's bodycam on Sunday, and Brooklyn Center’s now-former police chief on Monday said the footage appeared to show Porter mistaking her gun for a taser.  

Wright's aunt, Nyesha Wright, wasn't buying that explanation.

"I watched that video like everybody else watched that video that woman held that gun out in front of her for a long damn time," she said.

And as Brooklyn Center prepares for another night of protests, Mayor Elliott said he feels the demonstrators' pain.

"They're not out to harm anyone, they're in fear of their lives, i just want to be really clear about that," Elliott said.