DA: Woman tried to kill husband by lacing his wine and soda with antifreeze

A Long Island woman tried to kill her estranged husband by pouring antifreeze into his beverages at least three times, according to a prosecutor.

Authorities charged Renee Burke, 40, of Holbrook, attempted murder, attempted assault, burglary, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal contempt. She pleaded not guilty on Thursday.

The husband contacted police in September after he smelled and tasted something strange in a glass of wine and later a glass of Pepsi cola, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini. Police suggested he set up surveillance cameras, which he did.

Sini said that surveillance video shows Burke pouring antifreeze from baby bottles into a wine bottle at the victim's home. She later told police it was fruit juice.

"This is an extremely troubling case," Sini said in a statement. "It's not only disturbing that the defendant attempted to murder her estranged husband, but that she did so in the presence of children."

The husband has primary custody of their children, ages 4 and 8, authorities said.

Sini said that Burke consented to an analysis of her phone, which revealed internet searches for "antifreeze with alcohol," "what liquids for cars can kill a human," and "can antifreeze kill s himan [sic]." Cops also found antifreeze in her kitchen.

A judge set bail for Burke at $200,000 cash or $400,000 bond. She is due back in court on Feb. 7. Both she and her lawyer declined to comment.

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