Cuomo vows to overhaul MTA board amid time clock sabotage

Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the MTA a ‘management failure,’ following a second claim of destroyed worker time clocks.

“The people of New York have spent more money than ever before, fares are up, tolls are up,we just spent 800 million dollars on the subway action plan and the MTA still fails to have basic management systems in place,” Cuomo said.

MTA Inspector General Carolyn Pokorny announced Saturday that she has ordered another investigation after learning of a second damaged timekeeping clock at the MTA 38th Street Train Yard & Facility in Brooklyn.

On June 5, workers also discovered a newly installed Ethernet wire had been cut at Jamaica Station before timekeeping devices could be set up.

“You need to know when people get to work, you need to know that,” Cuomo said Sunday.

The problem has left the transit authority susceptible to overtime fraud, according to the governor.

In April, a watchdog group found that the MTA spent more than $1 billion in overtime in 2018, $100 million more than the previous year. Cuomo claims the solution is a complete overhaul of the MTA board.

“Let’s put professionals onthat MTA board because New Yorkers are paying plenty and they deserve their money’s worth and they’re not getting it,” he said.