Crowd tries to storm into sold-out concert

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Chaos erupted after a crowd without tickets to a hip-hop concert tried to rush the gates at Barclays Center on Thursday evening.

The Power 105.1's Powerhouse show featured The Weeknd, Migos, and Lil Uzi Vert. The concert was sold out. People without tickets tried to force their way inside.

Police responded to the incident and tried to restore order. Barclays Center personnel ended up closing the doors and not letting anyone inside, including people who had tickets.

Barclays Center issued a statement saying: "At tonight's sold out Power 105.1's Powerhouse show, a group of fans without tickets tried to force their way into the venue. In order to provide a safe and secure environment for all guests, Barclays Center security worked with the New York Police Department to disperse the crowd. The doors were closed at this time and no further entry was permitted into the event."

Someone who had a ticket and was waiting in line sent Fox 5 the video. She explained: "...all of a sudden the crowd was shifting towards the front doors," user @ohnoitsdanicaa said. "When the crowd started shifting they opened the doors and started spraying... once the pepper spray came out the crowd got more chaotic. i told my girlfriend to get out."

Another woman, with the username @lolofbabyy, wrote: "It was a mess, there were really no lines. No organization. People were pushing ... got more impatient and rowdy and we started to hear commotion and cops screaming for everyone to get back and we wouldn't be let in if we kept pushing... everyone started running to the doors and the doors closed. They locked us out... you can smell and taste the pepper spray in the air..."

The NYPD said officers did not arrest anyone even though more cops came to assist when the crowd got rowdy.

Barclays Center said that ticket holders whose tickets were not scanned would be able to get a full refund from the place where they bought the ticket.

This was the fourth year of the iHeart Media event.