Couple that survived Las Vegas shootings die in car crash

A couple who survived the Las Vegas shooting died in a car crash just a half mile from their California home earlier this month, two weeks after the husband jumped onto his wife to shield her from the hail of bullets raining down on them during the Oct. 1 massacre.

Dennis and Lorraine Carver died after their vehicle crashed into a metal gate outside their community in Riverside County on Oct. 16 and burst into flames, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. It took firefighters about an hour to extinguish the flames, the local fire department said.

“After the shooting, they heard from all of the people they cared about most. They were so happy,” Brooke Carver, 20, their daughter, told the newspaper. “The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment.”

The couple’s youngest daughter, 16-year-old Madison, heard a loud bang outside her window the night of the accident and ran down the street to see her parents’ vehicle engulfed in flames, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

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