Couple gets ride to reception in fire truck after wedding bus catches fire

One newly married couple’s love wasn’t the only thing causing sparks to fly on their wedding day.

Maria Leonardi, 30, and Justin Stone, 31, were married in Connecticut Saturday, but while they were taking wedding photos after their ceremony at West Avon Congregational Church, they realized the bus they’d arrived in was on fire.

“We heard some of our guests whispering about the trolley smoking and sparks dropping from the engine. We thought that they were joking at first and then we saw one fire engine drive by and another with lights and sirens,” Stone told

The Avon Volunteer Fire Department showed up to put out the small blaze, but once they realized the couple had just tied the knot, they went above the call of duty, offering them a ride to their reception.

“One of the crew came around during our photos outside and said, 'I’m really sorry about the trolley fire. If you’d like, we’d be happy to drive you to your reception,'" Stone said. “Maria and I both looked at each other and said, 'Absolutely, that would be amazing!'"

The firefighters even got in on some of the couple’s wedding photos and they snapped selfies together on the 15-minute ride to the couple’s reception.

“[We] had the wonderful honor of making sure the happy couple didn't miss their own party,” the Avon Volunteer Fire Department posted on their Facebook page.