Countdown to 2018: Times Square confetti test

The Times Square Alliance put the finishing touches on the New Year's Eve show Friday morning with a confetti test.

About 3,000 pounds of colorful confetti will fly through the sky. Passersby in Times Square got the chance to write their resolutions on the confetti.

"At midnight, when that confetti is raining down on us, you can reach into the sky and pull down someone's wish," said Jeffrey Straus, co-producer of the Times Square New Year's Eve Show. This is Straus' 23rd year co-producing the show.

The confetti had people of all ages thinking hard about their 2018 goals. Lila Schafer wants to make new friends in her third-grade class.

"Next year I want like 50 more, and right now I already have like 50," she said.

Others walking through Times Square had more personal goals.

"Health and happiness," Thomas Scuderi said.

"Better business, more deal flow, better opportunities," Jamar Johnson said.

More than one million people will pack Times Square Sunday night, with frigid temperatures only expected to reach the teens. Gary Winkler, VP of events for the Time Square Alliance, says there won't be heaters so layer up.

"When a million people pack into Times Square it naturally gets warmer, you get to know all your neighbors very closely, by the end you have friends from all over the world," Winkler said.

In light of recent attacks, security will be unprecedented. Straus said they're working with the NYPD to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

"We sing together, we celebrate together, and we count down together," he said.