Councilman's own car towed after changing towing laws

"Who towed my f-in car?"

Those are the words of Englewood Citiy Councilman Charles Cobb on the recently released recording of a 911 call he placed to Englewood Police in December.

It turns out that the registration on Cobbs' car had expired so it was towed by the towing company that has a contract with the town.

Now while this may seem like a case of a politician with a bit too much hubris, the subtext is important.

Just a month earlier, Cobb had spearheaded the revision of the town's parking ordinance, targeting towing companies that take too long to respond to illegally parked cars. The ordinance mandates that if the tower does not arrive within 20 minutes of receiving a call from police,  the next company on the approved list of towers is called. Cobbs is also on record according to reports as calling for "full transparency" regarding possible conflicts of interest between city officials and towers.

The ordinance was passed unanimously. A month later, Cobb woke up to find his car gone. On the tape, it sounds as if Cobb is convinced his car was towed because he angered someone with the parking ordinance.

The police chief had no comment and Cobbs did not respond to a request for comment.