Could a COVID-19 'vaccination pass' become the new normal?

Smartphones could serve as a powerful tool in a "post-pandemic" world, allowing users to access their immunization records at the push of a button.

Rumi Chunara, an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at NYU, says "COVID-19 vaccination passes" might soon become the new normal at airports, sports stadiums, and concert venues.

"Proof of your vaccination is important for getting into places where you want to mitigate any disease spread," she adds.

Big tech companies are already in the process of developing smartphone apps to validate vaccine credentials.

Geneva-based non-profit The Common Project came up with the CommonPass app.

We spoke to CEO, Paul Meyer, last month.

"You shouldn’t have to hand over your health records to get on an airplane or go back to work, so what CommonPass does is lets you show and prove that you meet the requirements without actually having to hand over your health information," he explains.

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CommonPass is not yet available to the public, but it’s currently being piloted by several airlines to verify passengers’ COVID-19 test results.

Once you get a negative result from your healthcare provider, you receive a virtual confirmation code and you’re allowed to board your flight.

However, Chunara says not everyone will be on board, including those who have privacy concerns or who choose not to get vaccinated for certain health or personal reasons.

"There could be some approaches to have medical proof or documentation that you couldn’t get vaccinated," she mentions.