Costume designer Clint Ramos

The set design and clothing in a Broadway production plays a big role in drawing you in. This year, Clint Ramos became the first person of Filipino descent to win a Tony for best costume design in a play for "Eclipsed."

His career began at the public theatre. When he's working on a set, he begins by making a 1/4-inch scale replica of every person and object that will be on stage.

When it comes to the costumes, first he talks to the director to understand the meaning of the piece, then he does visual research and sketches. Once the production is cast, he works with the actors to get each look, perfect. 

Clint has worked with Bradley Cooper in "The Elephant Man." 

He has designed more than 1,200 costumes for Disney's "Frozen" and has worked on the off-Broadway smash, "Here Lies Love."

But the Tony for "Eclipsed," a play about the Liberian civil war, was a career highlight. His goal with the costumes was to honor history and the Liberian people by getting it right.

It takes months and hundreds of people to craft a winning set and costumes. In the end you have to be OK with change and death.