Coronasomnia: Sleep issues during the pandemic

If you’re not sleeping well and dreaming about the pandemic, you are not alone.

Dr. Ross Levin is a behavioral sleep specialist says he has seen a big increase in patients.

"I’ve probably seen quadruple patients in the last few months," Dr. Levin says.

Some patients are reporting issues with sleep, insomnia, and nightmares.  Dr. Levin believes the stress and anxiety of the pandemic is a contributing factor.  

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"It has been over a year, people have cabin fever, people have lost their jobs, relatives, people,  can’t get out the house so there is a trapped feeling, there is an uncertainty feeling," Dr. Levin says.

Dr. Levin recommends doing activities that distract you. 
"You got to get out, you have to exercise, you got to call your friends, listen to music," he says.

He says this will help you relieve stress and anxiety and help ease your mind when it’s time to go to bed and also make for much better sleep.

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