Unease remains in aftermath of Queens shooting

A few days after gunfire rang out on a busy stretch of 37th Avenue in Corona, Queens, some people are back to business as usual but many others say the feelings of fear and anger have not subsided.

The NYPD released surveillance video from Saturday night, showing two men in masks and hoodies rounding the corner and raising their weapons. Soon afterward, those men unleashed a storm of bullets, aiming at three men in front of a barbershop believed to be members of the Trinitarios gang, police said.

The gunfire also struck seven innocent bystanders who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. All victims are expected to survive.

"The alleged group that's part of the shooting in Queens, they don't come from a structure of being violent," Shanduke McPhatter, a former gang member turned community activist, said. "They're supposed to come from a structure of protecting their community as well."

VIDEO: 10 shot in 'brazen, coordinated attack' in Queens

McPhatter, who spent 13 years behind bars, said he believes the neighborhood needs to take a stand against gun violence together.

"Our brothers and sisters in Queens who are tired of the problem — they have to step up as well," he said. "We can't just wait on somebody else. We have to become part of the solution."

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