Cops save starving dogs

New York City police officers who were looking for a suspect in an assault case ended up rescuing a pair of pooches.

Officers came to Devon Fenton's basement apartment on Chestnut Street in Brooklyn Tuesday morning. No one was home except two young dogs. The officers could see the dirty and emaciated dogs through the window, the NYPD said.

Cops went inside through an unlocked door and found that the puppies -- who were extremely friendly and sweet -- had no food or water and were covered in urine and feces, police said. The dogs appeared so thin that their ribs were showing through their skin and fur. One officer said the dogs snuggled their legs and wagged their tails.

Police located Fenton at his brother's home on Doscher Street. He admitted that the puppies were his and agreed to give them up.

Authorities charged Fenton with misdemeanor animal cruelty as well as assault in an incident earlier this year in which Fenton is accused of cutting his brother's hand during a fight, police said.

Officers named the pit bull-Lab pups Chestnut and Doscher after the two streets involved in this case. Police gave them food and water before turning them over to the ASPCA.