Cops save dog stuck in backyard pond

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Ralphie, a golden retriever, got stuck in a small garden pond (seen at left). (Suffolk County Police Department)

A 12-year-old golden retriever apparently looking for a drink of water got stuck in a small backyard pond on Long Island Tuesday morning.

The Bohannons of West Babylon tried to get Ralphie out of the decorative garden pond but he growled and went to the deep end, they told Fox 5. So they called the police for help.

Suffolk County Police Officers Peter Cucchiara and Kristen Goroway responded to the home. They used an animal control pole and some snow shovels to free Ralphie's legs, which were tangled in the underwater tubing. The officers then pulled him from the frigid water.

The Bohannons brought the pooch to an animal hospital for treatment for hypothermia. Ralphie is fine now, his owner said.

"We found he was diagnosed with diabetes and maybe that's why he went to the pond to drink water," Karen Bohannon said. "He's maybe a little blind and deaf and he gave us some scare today."

The Bohannons put benches and their grandkids' toys around the pond to make sure Ralphie doesn't try and go back in.