Coping with anxiety over the threat of terrorism

New York is the No. 1 terror target in the world. That combined with the bombardment of terrorist attacks from Paris to Istanbul to Orlando and San Bernardino -- the constant images-- can create anxiety. So how do you cope?

Dr. Jephtha Tausig-Edwards, a clinical psychologist, says it's important to stick to your regular routines and take care of yourself: eat healthfully, sleep, exercise, relax your brain and spend time with family and friends.

While dealing with the threat of terror emotionally, experts say you also have to be conscious of your surroundings. Former FBI Agent Manny Gomez calls it "situational awareness." Gomez says you shouldn't live in fear but you should have a plan. It gives you options if you are in a life-threatening attack.

If your children ask you questions about what they're hearing in the news Dr. Tausig-Edwards advises you to be honest. Tell them the facts, but only answer what they ask you.


Fox 5's Ernie Anastos interviewed Dr. Chloe Carmichael about this top. She shared her advice and also prepared this resource.


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