Jewish students locked in library during pro-Palestinian rally at Cooper Union

There were tense moments during a pro-Palestinian rally at Cooper Union on Wednesday.

A group of Jewish students say they ended up locked inside the library after other students involved with the protest ran inside the school.

Students who were inside the library said protesters were yelling "Free Palestine" at them as they banged on the door.

The students said they tried to call the police.

The NYPD told FOX 5 NY that they don't have information on students being threatened or trapped, but say they did have a police presence during the demonstration.

Cooper Union told FOX 5 NY that the library had to be closed down for around 20 minutes while protesters moved through the building.

"The NYPD was present on scene and was coordinating with school security during the entire event, ensuring no one was injured," Mayor Eric Adams tweeted later that evening. "While the students at Cooper Union have a right to peacefully protest, hate has no place in our city."