Connecticut bridal salon abruptly closes

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Fontana Bridal Salon in Greenwich, Conn., closed without warning. Even the website now just shows a photo of a sign left on the door. I spoke to several brides by phone. One of them showed up and found out the news by reading the sign. One line reads: "We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused on your special day."

Bride-to-be Vjoclla Nikaj said her tears of joy turned to tears of anguish when she found out her wedding gown is now nowhere to be found. Vjoclla bought her gown at Fontana in May. She paid for it in full: almost $6,000. She said she saved up for that for years. Her wedding is seven months away and she is now worried she and her fiancé Vinny may have to cancel their honeymoon to pay for a new dress. Vjoclla has this message for the owner: shame on you.

According to the sign, the shop shut down due to an illness and that all the brides will be contacted in the next five days. We tried reach out to the owner of the shop via social media but have not heard back yet.