Company will send person back in time to use flip phone for a week and earn $1,000

An internet service company is asking one person to go back to the 1990s to use a flip phone for a week, log their experience and earn $1,000.

The challenge, which doesn’t actually require time travel, comes on the cusp of the 30th anniversary of the first hand-held phone, according to Frontier.

The company, Frontier Communications, is looking for one person to give up their smartphone for a full seven days — that’s 168 hours – in favor of a flip phone.

The ideal person will be a self-proclaimed smartphone lover who is always on top of the latest news on technology. He or she must also be organized, detail-oriented and have a strong will to win.

“The more you use a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device in your daily life, the better,” the company said in a press release.

Anyone who applies who has an active social media presence and is willing to vlog about it all gets “bonus points” in the screening process.

So what happens if you’re the chosen one?

You must use the flip phone for seven days and log about the experience. You will be asked to track how long it takes you to do basic tasks, such as texting or checking emails, how many times you wish you could Google something, how long you slept, if your productivity changed and if you were late to any appointments.

At the end of your smartphone-free journey, you’ll get $1,000 and a “boredom buster swag bag” filled with 90s-era items such as CDs and a paper map.

Frontier is calling the challenge a “unique social experiment and a chance to go back in time…or well, something like that.”

You can apply on the company's website. Applicants are asked to explain in about 200 words why he or she would be the best person for the job or a video submission can be done.

The lucky person will be notified on July 8 through email.