Company offers free custom wraps for infant helmets

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A Carrollton company wants to help young families by offering complimentary custom-designed vinyl wraps for babies with cranial helmets.

The graphic artists at Car Wrap City Texas usually put their talents to use wrapping promotional vehicles. But lately, they’ve also been coming up with designs for infants who wear helmets to correct plagiocephaly.

Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, is a condition that affects nearly half of all infants today, according to Cranial Band Technologies. The helmets help redirect a baby’s natural head growth back to a normal head shape.

“Being a parent is hard enough,” said Scott Bechtel, owner of Car Wrap City. “The last thing you ever want is to see your child sick or different from other kids. Over the years, we’ve seen the faces of so many parents brightened when they place that custom-wrapped helmet on their child’s head. A little color and fun can really bring light to an otherwise worrisome situation.”

Car Wrap City will have a booth at the upcoming DFW Auto Show (March 22-26) and will wrap a limited number of helmets for free. Parents can pick a design theme such as the sports team, superheroes, animal print or flowers and sparkles.

Those interested should fill an online form at The company will respond to confirm the design, date and time for the live on-site wrap.