Companion app 'walks' you home

Samantha Baugh is a freshman at NYU. Moving from the suburbs to the city, she has a few concerns about safety. It is why she is interested in a new app called Companion. It lets users request phone contacts -- friends and family -- be a virtual companion as they make their way home.

Five University of Michigan undergrads created the app. We Skyped with one of the co-founders, Lexi Ernst, who explained why they created it and how it works.

If something goes wrong during the trip -- say you drop the phone or you go off track or the earphones are pulled out -- the app can detect that and gives you 15 seconds to respond. If you don't, it sounds an alarm and notifies your companions.

Former NYPD Detective Tom Verni says while the app could be useful, it shouldn't be the only line of defense. He says you need to rely on your instincts and be aware of what is around you.