Commuters losing AirPods on subway tracks

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AirPods, the $159 wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple, can be seen being worn by commuters all over New York City, but the wireless earbuds are easy to lose.

They are so easy to lose that the MTA is reportedly considering a new public-service announcement warning commuters not to remove the expensive electronics when they are boarding or exiting trains. 

Subway workers have retrieved hundreds of AirPods and other kinds of earbuds lost on the city’s train tracks.

Between July 2018 and July 2019, a total of 878 AirPods, “earbuds,” “ear pods,” and other similar items were retrieved for forgetful or clumsy riders, with 84 AirPod retrievals between March and mid-July this year alone. 

According to MTA data, nearly two percent of train delays in June were passenger related, including for the retrieval of property like AirPods from the train tracks.