Community pool closed because someone kept pooping in it

The Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association has a public service announcement for its visitors: Stop pooping in its pool.

In a notice posted Friday afternoon, the association's president said the community pool had to be closed because "someone has been defecating in the pool." And yes, they believe it was on purpose.

"Due to the frequency over the past week, we believe this is intentional," read the statement.

The neighborhood pool is in Macomb Township, located at 50483 Crusader Dr. near 23 Mile Road.

In response to the repeated offense, the board's president said they are reviewing attendance logs and recorded videos. "Rest assured, that we are following published guidelines to restore the pool to a safe and sanitary condition."

Serial pooping problems have plagued Michigan communities in the past. In 2014, the Ypsilanti Police Department made contact with an individual who had been pooping on public park slides.

To lock down any chance of more feces showing up in its pool, the Buckingham recreational group said it has also hired a second pool attendant will oversee duties at the pool. However, the recent hire means the annual carnival put on by the association will be canceled.