Collector Car Showcase

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If you're looking for rare world-class cars on Long Island look no further than Collector Car Showcase in Oyster Bay. It is David Jacobson's tribute to all things automotive.

Jacobson fell in love with cars as a child and started collecting both cars and a whole lot of signs.

Collector Car Showcase is Jacobson's way of sharing his treasures with the world. His hometown -- Oyster Bay -- the perfect location to put it all on display.

Jacobson bought the building in 2013 and spent two years bringing his vision to life, packing the 18,000-square-foot space (on Route 106) with incredible finds.

Collector Car Showcase hosts everything from comedy shows to charity events and the exhibits rotate. Right now Jacobson is featuring 60 years of Porsche, his personal favorite.

Jacobson and his team re-built a 1974 lightweight 6-cylinder air-cooled G Programme Porsche giving it modern touches. The only way to test that out: take it for a drive.