Coast Guardsman wins award

It was a very special honor for a member of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Aaron Klipin is a Seaman in the Coast Guard as well as an auxiliary officer in the NYPD.  Thursday he was awarded the "Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal" at a ceremony in Bayonne.

Last October, he and his partner saved a man's life, while they were on foot patrol near Madison Square Garden.

"We were flagged down by pedestrians that there was a person in distress," said Seaman Klipin.  "We secured the scene, made sure that we had an ambulance coming, and then determined that he overdosed on some kind of narcotic, and stood by for the paramedics."

The man who overdosed made a full recovery.

Seaman Klipin has done more than 700 hours of volunteer work for the NYPD, including high-profile assignments like New Year’s Eve and the U.N. General Assembly duty.